Dr. Dmitriy Drichel

Freelance solutions architect, data engineer, and data scientist, with over twelve years of experience building IT and data processing solutions across various industries, including pharma, biotechnology, finance, and biomedical research. Focused on cloud (8x AWS certified), data processing, and software development, as well as designing, testing, and deploying IT solutions and analysis pipelines. Interdisciplinary academic background in physics, bioinformatics, and epidemiology, co-author of 40 published scientific articles. Based in Bonn, Germany.

Key Skills and Interests:

  • Cloud architectures
  • Infrastructure as code (AWS CloudFormation), containerization (docker)
  • Software development (Python, C/C++, R, Perl, awk, bash)
  • Machine learning, statistics. and big data analytics
  • System integration, analysis pipelines
  • Exploratory and predictive analytics, modeling, and simulation
  • High-performance computing, big data processing
  • Genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, flow cytometry
Dr. Dmitriy Drichel - Data Science Consultant