Dr. Dmitriy Drichel

Freelance data scientist based in Bonn, Germany, with a focus on big data, statistics, algorithms and software development. Working with a wide range of industries including biotech, pharma, and finance. 5x AWS certified. Co-author of 39 peer-reviewed publications.

Outstanding expertise and an excellent track record in solving real-world problems with cutting-edge methodology:

  • Data science, statistics, machine learning, big data
  • Genotyping, sequencing and imputation technology
  • Anomaly detection, non-parametric analysis and taming the “dimensional explosion”
  • Development of algorithms and methods
  • Explorative and predictive analytics, statistical modelling and simulation
  • System integration, analysis pipelines
  • Software development (C/C++, Python, R, Perl, awk, bash, ...)
  • Project management and project development
  • High-performance computing
  • Communicating results, reporting and visualization
Dr. Dmitriy Drichel - Data Science Consultant